Retainer HR Services

Retained employment law and HR services

Understanding you and your business needs

  • Your business won’t have a one size fits all approach and we don’t work in that way either
  • Call centres with templates won’t work for you
  • To get things done you’ll need access to a dedicated team of expert advisors who love working closely with business owners, HR Managers and management teams, helping solve HR and employment law challenges clearly and quickly

Through our support packages you can access our legal and HR expertise in ways to suit you.

See our solutions for your business type:

Why chose BRIDGE for your employment law and HR needs?

Employment law and HR support for smaller business

  • Free no obligation audit and telephone enquiries
  • Your costs are agreed in advance and made very clear
  • You can access considerable legal and HR expertise easily, as you need it, to suit your needs
  • You will access your designated advisor whenever – no call centres!
  • You can choose to add training for your managers too
  • You can design what your business needs – turning the tap on and off as needed
  • You then benefit from our team putting together what you need, allowing you to get on with your business, including:
    • Free HR audit
    • Telephone advice
    • Document support
    • Training for your managers
    • You will also have access to the legal team when needed at reduced rates
    • HR software to manage all day to day HR issues efficiently
    • Insurance against claims


You will secure cost-effective, legally backed systems to manage your team with your own qualified advisor.

Contact us now for your free employment law and HR Audit – there’s no obligation – Book your free consultation now either online, call us directly on 01904 360295 or email us on: enquiries@bridgeehr.co.uk

Employment law and HR support for larger businesses and HR teams 

  • Access to our expert team of employment solicitors for:
    • fast;
    • cost-effective;
    • technical legal support; and
    • with insurance against claims and training packages too (see below).
  • You can also access nationally recognised expert solicitors for independent support ad-hoc and access our legal updates and annual webinars too – click here to subscribe enquiries@bridgeehr.co.uk
  • Our team can also help you with independent investigations and provide extra support on larger scale change processes
  • Your management team can also access our high-quality training too


Book your free consultation now either online, call us directly on 01904 360295 or email us on: enquiries@bridgeehr.co.uk

Tailored support for SMEs

We recognise that your business is unique and so you will need tailored support that works with you to provide a complete HR and Employment Law function within your business.

If you don’t already have an in-house HR function or you do but need higher-level legal support – you can choose from the following services, flexibly and to suit you: –

Click the button below for our table of bespoke services’


Support you can choose and access when you need it



What kind of things will help you


Your HR documents and systems











  • eContracts
  • Staff handbooks and policies
  • Processes such as appraisals and performance and sickness management systems
  • HR Software to more easily manage your team and saving you time
  • Support on HR correspondence – letters and processes



Legal insurance


If you are concerned about covering legal costs and compensation in the event of employee claims





  • Accessed on terms to suit you and your needs
  • Delivered by your designated and qualified advisor who knows you, your needs and your business



Onsite HR Support


To help you and your team – we work with you as part of your team helping you deliver what you need




  • As and when you need it – we can attend often to help you:
    • Run difficult meetings
    • Set up systems
    • Provide training



Record keeping and HR systems and software packages  




  • Holiday requests;
  • Absences;
  • Appraisals and performance management.; and
  • Much more.


These all take up your valuable management time. Our systems and support help you take that time back, ensuring you are compliant and working well to support all your HR needs and obligations.





For Directors, Managers and HR Managers who need support to manage staff and implement systems








  • Access to carefully selected management workshops
  • Improve your knowledge of HR issues, pitfalls and the correct way to manage issues that will impact you and your business



We can also provide access to H&S and Occupational Health assessments





  • Used for both specific projects and issues or on an ongoing basis, depending on your needs

Free Quarterly legal updates and annual webinars




  • Keeping you on top of changes on employment law and HR click here for links to our latest vlogs and workshops


Our HR services are backed by our expert legal team

The seamless communication between our HR and Employment Law team means that you can be assured that you are getting the very best quality employment law and HR advice for your business.

If you have an already excellent HR Team, then you can access our more technical support from our nationally recognised and specialist employment law solicitors in our legal team and our training too.

Sectors we know well

Almost all sectors benefit from accessing our HR systems and legal support although our team have experience and notable work in the following sectors: –

  • Manufacturing
  • Accounting and finance
  • Independent Schools / education
  • Veterinary
  • Dentists
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Food and agriculture


Book your free consultation now either online, call us directly on 01904 360295 or email us on: enquiries@bridgeehr.co.uk

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