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Our expert training is delivered to suit your levels of internal expertise, from management teams that need to know the practical basics to manage staff or to more specialist topics for your industry, TUPE or quality and performance management systems along with recruitment and equality training too – we cover all useful employment law and HR training and support.

Our training is delivered where you want it – either on-site at our offices at York, Leeds or Hull or at a local venue or at your premises.

Our training is delivered by our experienced employment law and HR team.

Nationally recognised, expert and qualified Solicitors, qualified HR Specialists and our trusted partners who are experts in occupational health and health and safety

We run lively and interactive learning workshops, no dull lectures! Often delivered by your designated advisor – when you work with us under our Complete Support Packages.

We explore practical and legal aspects of each subject area to help managers and HR leaders develop the internal capabilities of your management teams’ through provision of practical tips and skills to more confidently manage workplace law issues.

We cover all aspects of employment law and HR including interactive workshops on the following areas – our team often build modules to deliver various subjects over time including systems to accompany the training and use thereafter:-

Legal and HR pitfalls of recruitment, selection and contracting with staff, correct processes and procedures for businesses and avoidance of compliance breaches

Performance Management and Systems  
The pitfalls and best processes for managing poor performance and disappointing employees at all levels

Successfully investigating and managing disciplinary issues through to warnings or dismissals

Training for elected representatives

Ensuring those who have a mandate understand their obligations and operate effectively with management  

Whistleblowing and compliance issues
Reporting compliance breaches and whistleblowing investigations and the pitfalls and processes you need to be aware of

TUPE and contract transfers
The right and wrong way to prepare and manage TUPE transfers, mapping out the process from pre-transfer assessment, to information analysis through to transfer and avoidance / reduction of liability strategies

Sickness Management
How to successfully resolve long term problems and improve short term absences

Contracts variations
The correct assessment and preparation for contractual variations in pay or working hours

Exiting employees and senior executives 
Handling the removal of employees and senior executives covering all aspects and pitfalls of the processes from terms, processes, risks and commercial solutions

Family friendly rights
Exploring all aspects of leave and flexible working rights and obligations that employers need to be aware of to ensure compliance and practical management strategies

Equal opportunities in the workplace
An overview of the law and employer and employee obligations for compliance and claim avoidance

Contracts of employment
We explore how we can use your terms commercially to protect your business and manage your staff positively highlighting just how useful a well drafted contract can be when you need it, this includes garden leave, restrictions, bonus and notice/termination provisions

Use of labor resources
An employment and HR guide to the creative and commercial use of labor including employees, consultants, agency workers, casual and zero-hours contracts

Management Coaching and Team Dynamics
We design and deliver training for individuals and leadership teams using psychometrics, team dynamics, coaching and development to help recruit, build and improve teams

“…the training was excellent, it helped key managers take on HR issues confidently, it worked perfectly with the complete support from BRIDGE and the team are more confident in tackling staff issues”

– Operations Manager

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