Our Employment Lawyers can help protect your business

At Bridge Employment Law, we have many years of experience in supporting businesses, from local SME’s to large PLC’s, with a whole range of employment law matters. We can support you with the pressures and demands of managing people and complying with employment legislation, so that you can focus on your business.

As employment lawyers in York, Leeds and Doncaster, we offer a practical and very commercial approach to supporting your business. We look at the problem you are facing, understand what you are hoping to achieve and offer you the best solution, as well as ongoing support with the relevant documents and processes. Whether you require support and advice for performance management, transfer of a new contract, varying terms of employment or defending tribunal claims, our employment lawyers know the law and can achieve the very best results tailored to you and your business.

As a team, we have a passion for what we do, we care about doing a great job for you and work tirelessly to protect your business interests. 

For more information or to discuss your circumstances with our specialist lawyers, please call us on 01904 360295, email stephens@bridgeehr.co.uk or complete our contact form.


Many of our clients choose to access our expertise through fixed cost annual support packages. This can either be with insurance against the legal costs and compensation from any claims, or without.

We are proud to say that clients accessing our support, on an ongoing basis, tend not to have to deal with the stress and expense of tribunal claims.

We believe our work speaks for itself therefore, most of our clients are on 30 days’ notice, we don’t want to tie you in to long costly contracts.

We can also work with you on an ad hoc basis if required, perhaps to draft a Settlement Agreement, manage a Tribunal claim or produce legally compliant employment documents.


Our employment lawyer led team of HR Consultants attends site and works in conjunction with your current structure to complete specific tasks, projects or even be your day to day HR support.

When you have a more involved project such as a reorganisation or performance management issue, our expert HR Consultants in York, Leeds and Doncaster could save you time and ensure it is completed to a high standard. We investigate, interview, prepare evidence, project plans, chair hearings and sit with you through negotiations.

Areas we are able to offer support include:

  • Disciplinaries and grievances
  • Bespoke appraisals
  • Performance management
  • Executive coaching
  • Succession planning
  • And a lot more!


We run interactive workshops on either the key day to day issues, helping SME’s train their management teams to deal confidently with employment and HR issues in a common sense way whilst at the same time legally protecting your business.

Bridge Employment Law and HR training is costed and quoted up front (some of it is free if you get on board with our monthly packaged advice services!) and delivered by our experienced team.

We can also deliver more bespoke training for your sector, such as Dental Practices, Child Care, Care Homes, Recruitment and Food and Logistics companies or charities and the public sector all of whom specific training and employment law needs.

Employment Tribunal Representation

Facing a Tribunal without good legal advice is frankly commercially risky and can be very costly to a business and its public and commercial reputation. That’s why we always aim to give advice that resolves employment issues swiftly and minimising risk of Tribunal claims. Bearing that in mind, here are some key points to note:

  • It is extremely important we defend your claim on time, if you miss deadlines you can have a costly Judgement against you.
  • We will also immediately review your chances of success, if you have a strong defence we often resolve matters quickly either by applying to Tribunal to strike out the claim or by making the strength of our legal position known to the Claimant as early as possible.
  • We assess the value of the case early too, for example, if the case is low value then there may not be any commercial sense in you paying legal fees to defend it, rather it may be best to resolve it swiftly via negotiation – unless it is a point of principle.
  • We also regularly work with ACAS to resolve matters where we can early before they become entrenched and expensive.
  • Early and pragmatic advice with swift action is the key to reducing the risk of a claim threatening the business and becoming very costly.

We have an excellent record and we manage the defence of your case commercially and in the very best interests of your business, we offer clear and up front fix range costs estimates and you have a dedicated expert lawyer working with you throughout the case.

For more information or to discuss your circumstances with our specialist lawyers, please call us on 01904 360295, email stephens@bridgeehr.co.uk or complete our contact form.

Disciplinaries and Dismissals

Things aren’t simple in this area and in order to discipline an employee for misconduct or consider dismissal you need to get the process right – any failure to do so can lead to claims and awards of compensation and increases in those awards by up to 25%. There are many procedural points to consider such as ensuring a fair investigation, including taking witness statements, inviting the employee to the hearing and their rights during such a hearing and dealing with an appeal.

We offer clear advice backed up by detailed guidance notes for conducting investigations and hearings. We can advise on what course of action to take if an employee refuses to attend a hearing or goes on sick leave prior to the hearing. If you are concerned you do not have the time or do not have appropriate staff you can ask our HR Consultants to carry out parts or all of the procedures on your behalf, they can also attend to take minutes or support you during an investigation or hearing. You can discipline staff and you can dismiss them fairly but if you want a very good chance of doing it well and reducing your financial and commercial risks you need to call us.

For more information or to discuss your circumstances with our specialist lawyers, please call us on 01904 360295, email stephens@bridgeehr.co.uk or complete our contact form.

Discrimination Claims and Defences

This is a complex and specialist area of employment law that requires a very detailed and specialist advice.  Claims are high value but can be lost very easily if the defence or claim take the wrong direction or make a technical mistake on how they make their case, which can be very, very costly for employers and/or claimants – discrimination claims come with unlimited awards, not good for employers but attractive for claimants.

What is protected from discrimination? 

The Equality Act 2010 lists the characteristics that are protected and each type of discrimination that can occur, the protected characteristics are the following:

  • Age discrimination
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation


Has someone suffered a detriment because of having one of the protected characteristics listed above?

It is unlawful (in brief here) for employers to discriminate in:

  • The terms of employment offered
  • Promotions
  • Training
  • Benefits
  • Dismissing
  • Subjecting the employee to any other detriment


In this area of employment law, it is essential that you have an expert supporting you throughout the whole process. Here at Bridge Employment Law, our employment lawyers in York, Leeds and Doncaster have the necessary knowledge and expertise, having worked successfully in this area for many years.

For more information or to discuss your circumstances with our specialist lawyers, please call us on 01904 360295, email stephens@bridgeehr.co.uk or complete our contact form.