Employment Tribunals: Help for Employers – So, you have a claim on your desk – what now?

23 Oct Employment Tribunals: Help for Employers – So, you have a claim on your desk – what now?

One of the most stressful experiences for any employer – how can we help you?

BRIDGE help employers like you to remove, strike out, negotiate and, when necessary, defend all types of employee claims to the Tribunal and court too.

What should you do now? Initial steps we can help you with

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What we will do next:

  • Is the claim valid?

Here we check the technical aspects of the claim: time limits, conciliation requirements and length of service are all strict qualification requirements to bring a claims, we can often spot where a claim is technically invalid and apply to throw it out for you;

  • If the claim is valid what next?

We assess the facts give you clear prospects of success, at this stage i.e. could we win this?

  • We assess the costs v’s risks i.e. what will it cost you, what is the claim worth, is it worth settling now, or, to put it bluntly, will I spend more time and money than this is even worth?
  • We can often talk to ACAS and negotiate an end to the matter if that’s what you want to do.
  • This assessment MUST take place at the outset, if it hasn’t then something has gone wrong!

How can you avoid a claim?

Have robust policies in place, make sure Managers have some legal / HR based training and ensuring specialists like BRIDGE are there to support them when they need it – that all helps prevent expensive claims.

Our clients have the benefit of clear processes and training for Managers on those processes covering frequent issues around: –

  1. Proper commercial performance Management;
  2. Handling sickness and absence correctly and improving absence rates;
  3. Managing misconduct through clear disciplinary processes; and
  4. Handling complaints correctly via easy to use grievances processes too.

Its fine having a policy but Managers need to know how to use it with confidence to get the root of the problem and avoid making small issues into larger ones, they can also call the BRIDGE team for guidance too – this all makes sure you avoid expensive and time consuming claims.

Please click here to learn more about our retained support packages with Manager training, contract and policy production and advice and support:


Can I settle a claim?

In short: in most cases, yes you can, if you want to.

If you wish, you may offer the employee/claimant compensation or reinstatement/reengagement at any point, but the employee must accept this offer – we help secure resolutions acceptable to you.

Legal advice can provide useful insight into the potential risks of the case: the maximum amount of compensation that might be awarded to the employee/claimant if the case is successful. The potential commercial impact on the defending company, and whether a judgement against the company will be made on public record.

The amount of compensation will vary from case to case, and depend on numerous factors, such as the type of claim(s) brought by the employee, as well as the employee’s salary and if they have been able to secure other employment.

Why choose Bridge to help defend your claim?

You benefit from a combined 30 + years of specialist employment law and HR expertise. Our Solicitors act for Plc’s to SMEs, our HR Consultants are highly trained and effective, more importantly, we specialize in this area of law only, one lawyer will take care of you and your case giving you commercial solutions allowing you to:

  • Understand the costs, risks, value of the claim, timings and all options quickly;
  • You can then plan and get on with running your business.

Our approach to Employment Tribunal claims is commercial and pragmatic – if you simply wish to move forward from events as soon as possible by offering a settlement, we will negotiate the best possible deal for you. If you want to defend and fight your corner, we’re also very well equipped to do that for you.

Call the team now if you need help on a case or you want better support for your business: Reception 01904 360 295 or Team Mobile: 07983 607388