Our Employment Lawyers can help protect you

We have many years’ experience in supporting employees in all aspects of employment law rights here’s a summary of the areas we have represented employees’ at Tribunal and negotiated Settlement Agreements successfully in:

  • unfair dismissals
  • breach of contract
  • constructive dismissals
  • unreasonable application of post termination restrictions
  • bullying and harassment
  • whistleblowing (being treated less favourably as you made compliance complaints)
  • maternity pay, leave, benefits and pregnancy and maternity discrimination
  • breach of other family rights such as paternity/shared parental/adoption pay, leave and benefits
  • breaches of the Mobile Workers Regulations for HGV drivers.
  • sexual orientation discrimination;
  • disability discrimination
  • removal of a Director or senior manager negotiations
  • breaches of consultation obligation on redundancy and TUPE transfers;
  • unlawful deductions from wages claims
  • breaches of the Working Time Regulations – holiday pay and national minimum wage claims, often occurring within the care and agency staff sectors, as well as other industries
  • sex discrimination
  • race discrimination

We are approachable, we genuinely care about our clients’ cases and we do not take cases on unless we believe they have merit.
We also offer fixed cost support at each stage of your case, so please do call us for a free telephone consultation, we’ll listen to your circumstances and decide if we can help you Tel: 01904 360 295 Please do not hesitate to call as there are time limits in which you can lodge any claim.

Unfair Dismissal Claims

If you believe you aren’t being treated fairly then you need to talk to us quickly, the sooner you get advice the better, even if you have not yet been dismissed but suspect that this may be a potential outcome.
When you are dismissed, unless your employer followed the correct procedures and your dismissal was a reasonable outcome in the circumstances, you may have grounds for an unfair dismissal claim.
Understanding whether any concerns you have are viable grounds for unfair dismissal and if pursuing a complaint would be successful is an area where our team can help you.

To bring a standard unfair dismissal claim you need:

  • to have been employed for more than two years’; and
  • remember any time spent with your employer previously as a worker, consultant or if you left and came back quickly could count towards two years’ service; also
  • if you were transferred from one employer to your current employer and this hasn’t been considered this could be put towards your two years’ service.
  • Also remember that you don’t need any length of service to bring some other claims such as discrimination claims.

We offer a free telephone consultation to decide if we can help you Tel: 01904 360 295

Settlement Agreement

When faced with an imminent exit and termination of your employment, job security and income, you really do need someone on your side.

We can advise you as to whether the terms offered give you what you are entitled to and ensure that all of your interests are protected.

We take free initial calls on all Settlement Agreements so please call Tel: 01904 360 295

It is vital you receive advice on the terms to ensure they are lawful and acceptable for you and to ensure you aren’t waiving any of your rights without receiving reasonable compensation for that. In addition, many employer’s may try to impose certain restrictions on you that affect your future employment prospects, we can negotiate with them on your behalf to try and come to a reasonable agreement.

It is usual for your employer to pay or make a significant contribution towards your legal costs for seeking advice with regards to a Settlement Agreement, we can advise you further on this and negotiate with your employer with regards to costs.


If your employment is at threat of redundancy it can be a very worrying and difficult time and it is vital you know what your employer should and should not be doing.

We know the procedures your employers must follow, these are often complex and we know if they are breaching their obligations to you. In which case, you may be entitled to challenge the process, the decision and even secure your role. If we can’t help in securing your role, you may be able to receive greater and certainly fair redundancy payments.

We offer free telephone consultations so please call us, we can help and the sooner you call the better Tel: 01904 360 295

Directors and senior leaders

You will need someone competent clear and robust with a strategic understanding of Board level and senior management roles.

When an exit situation occurs, you need to protect not only your business interests but also your reputation and career.

We have extensive experience in handling Board level, owner and senior management exits.

We offer free telephone consultations so please call us, we can help Tel: 01904 360 295

Rights for parents

Family friendly rights are complex multiple pieces of legislation. If you are unsure of your rights or if you are concerned that your employer is not following the legislation then you need to seek advice. We can advise you on maternity, paternity, adoption, shared parental leave, pay and rights. If you have concerns about emergency leave, holiday calculations or what pay and benefits you will receive we can review this for you.

We can offer you support in ensuring you assert your rights with an employer fairly and in a reasonable manner to maintain good working relationships long term wherever possible.

We offer free telephone consultations so please call us, we can help Tel: 01904 360 295


If you consider that you are being discriminated at work then seeking advice and support from our expert lawyers is essential. We understand how difficult these types of situations can be and how vulnerable it may make you feel and we can offer a free telephone conversation to discuss your individual circumstances, Tel: 01904 360 295

The Equality Act 2010 protects people against discrimination if they fall into one or more of these protected characteristics:

  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender reassignment
  • Marriage and civil partnership
  • Pregnancy and maternity
  • Race
  • Religion or belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual orientation

You then need to evidence that you have suffered a detriment from your employer, such as:

  • the terms of employment offered
  • promotions
  • training
  • benefits
  • dismissing; or
  • subjecting the employee to any other detriment.

Discrimination claims can be complex and stressful, it is important to act and seek advice quickly as any claim to the Employment Tribunal is time limited.

We offer free telephone consultations so please call us, we can help Tel: 01904 360 295